The Lost Episode

National Weekly --- April 19, 1998

Lost Generation
won't be "found"

Left: rare footage from the "lost" episode, in which Spot and Data confront the Blinking White Light Entity. ____________________

The so-called "Lost Episode" of the popular series Star Trek: Next Generation will not be shown on TV this fall, in spite of a strong letter-writing campaign organized by Fans of Spot, with support from The Data Fan Club.

Although the studio claimed at the time that their attorneys nixed showing the episode due to its controversial spay/neuter content, rumors have persisted for years that certain cast members, angry about Spot's growing popularity, refused to sign new contracts if the episode wasn't pulled. Those same cast members are currently negotiating contracts for the third in a series of movies based on the hit series.

"Nine Parallel Lives" is the only script to feature Spot in a starring role. In it, Spot overcomes a lack of opposable thumbs to save the crew from a species capable of sending them to nine different universes simultaneously.

Paramount refuses to comment on its reasons for not releasing the episode.

-- by Binky

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