Spot Trivia, Facts & Graphics

Spot Wallpaper

Sorry -- Viacom made me remove my autographed Spot photo. But you can still download a scene from Generations for your desktop -- just click on the graphics below to see the full-size version.

Spot Facts

  • Favorite food: Hillshire Farms Deli-Sliced Smoked Turkey

  • Favorite toy: a champagne cork

  • Favorite color: infra-red

  • Favorite TV show: any PBS special about birds

  • Personal Hero: Socks

  • Pet peeve: people who use the phrase "it's just an animal"

Spot Trivia

  • He's afraid of flying.

  • To date, fans have sent him 8,346 toy mice.

  • He has dined at the White House seven times.

  • He's allergic to sardines.

Spot Graphics (more soon)


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