"The world is not run by thought, nor imagination, but by opinion."
 ~ Elizabeth Drew



This is my theory:

We pet owners are a much more powerful group than we realize, because of the sheer number of us.  

  • If every pet owner in the U.S. alone would take five minutes and write just one letter a year in support of an animal welfare initiative, the result would be over 40 million letters. Imagine the impact that this could have on politicians.

  • And, if we also donate just five dollars a year to shelters, it would mean 200 million extra dollars to help save strays.

If you have a pet, please take five minutes sometime this year to speak out for animals. And, if you can, donate five dollars a year to a shelter.

Five minutes and five dollars x 40 million = a better world for animals.


Ways to Donate (besides the obvious)

  1. Short on cash? Take part in an online"click to donate" campaign -- you look at an ad, and they donate x-amount for your trouble. One to try:  4GoodnessSake

  2. If your local pet suppply store has a collection can for any kind of animal welfare project, throw in your change every time you go there. 

  3. Hate writing checks? Donate online --  put donate to animal shelter in a search engine and choose from the shelters that come up. (My pet charity -- no pun intended -- is the Pet Action League. You can donate as little as $3 online.)


Ways to Speak Out

Write your local reps  (always needed and always helpful)

Let them know what you care about, and what legislation you support. Include your full name and address to be taken seriously. Two easy reference pages:

Electronic Activist ~ just click on your state

Piper Resources ~ just click on your state

Visit an animal welfare site and take part in a campaign

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