Help Singapore's Cats

has been discontinued, because...'s clear at this point that the Singapore government will only care about these cats if Singaporeans themselves care about them. The rest of us can write all the letters we want; our concerns simply do not matter to this government.

If you live in Singapore, and you would like to see something done for these animals, please write your government and tell them so.

You could perhaps ask your government to take a look at the research into a genetically engineered oral contraceptive for felines that's being conducted at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Maybe the government will consider investing in and using this oral contraceptive.

I am hoping that the combination of your letters and the common sense of solving a stray problem both humanely and at less cost  will persuade the government to consider this alternative to the current means of population control -- trapping/euthanasia and starvation.

If you are a Singaporean and you would like to urge your government to consider this oral contraceptive for stray cats, (or any other means of helping them), you can find more information about the oral contraceptive here. To contact your government via their website, go here.

"Apathy is merely one form of cooperation."
~Taiba (Amanda Dumble), in the sign-on letter.