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Birthday Cat and TP Thank You Any reason
Best Wishes Sympathy-Pet Get Well Dog Typing
Humor-bad day Thinking of you Just saying hi Love note
Bon Voyage Sim Game eBay humor ABC's LOST

Categories  (choose from several cards and customize)

Occasions & Events   .... birthday, get well, thanks, invitations, etc. ...

Every Day Greetings ... thinking of you, good morning, love you, etc. ...

Any Time or Reason   ... write your own caption; use them for anything

Dogs & other pets .... dogs, rabbit, horse, turtle, fish, hamster, birds...

Cheer and Support   ........  a cat's guide to handling stress and change.

Lucky Cats ..... i.e. Maneki Neko - don't just say good luck, send some!

Wild Animals ........ koala, tiger, penguins, zebras, hummingbird, elephant

Spot of Star Trek   .....     you don't have to be a Trekkie to get the joke.

Auction Cats ................. the winning charity auction cards

Other free stuff & misc.

Normally I have links to wallpapers/screensavers and such here, but I'm giving those sections a long-overdue total rehaul.  I'll link them back up when I'm finished!
. the reason I run this site.

And homeless near a thousand homes I stood,
And near a thousand tables pined and wanted food.

- Wordsworth

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If you live in Arizona and you're thinking of adopting a pet or helping out a shelter in your state, please have a look at this website: Animals Benefit Club.  ABC is a non-profit organization founded by a teacher, Dee Kotinas, and her Junior High School high risk students.  

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