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How to send a postcard -- the basics

You do not need a ticket number to send a card. The ticket number is used to pick up a card that was sent to you by someone else.

To see what the actual card looks like full-sized, just click on the little tiny graphics called thumbnails. The image that shows up after you click is the actual card .

To send a card, you just choose a card and then fill out the form. When you see a little circle, like the one below, that's where you put your cursor and click. Your cursor is the little arrow that you move around on the screen by using the mouse. Put the arrow inside the circle, click, and you've made your choice. If you change your mind, click your new choice and the dot jumps to that circle. This is how you choose the postcard, the background, and the stamp.

Picture #1

When you see a drop-down box like the one below, just put your cursor on the text that you want. Do this by clicking inside the box -- you'll see all the choices pop up in a list. When you put your cursor on the one you want, the background behind the text will be highlighted -- it will turn a different color. When the choice you want is highlighted, just click. You don't have to do anything else, if it's highlighted it's picked.

Note: sometimes you will have to recenter the list on your page in order to see it. If the list keeps flashing and disappearing, use the scroll bar on your browser to center the list on the page. (In other words, move the list so that it appears in the center of your computer screen instead of near the top or bottom.)

Select a heading:

If the list is long, (like the list of music), you will have to scroll through it. To scroll, put the cursor on the little arrows that point up and down, and click. You can also move the sliding bar to scroll through a long list faster. (Try it out above.)

The first choice in the drop-down boxes is always "none" like, "no music," "no heading," "no signature"...so if you don't want music, a heading, a caption or whatever just do nothing. You choose your text and background color, header, and music with the drop down lists.

Put your message in the text box:

TIP: If you are writing a very long message, you might want to type it on something else (like on an email form or on Notepad) and copy it and paste it into the message box. That way, if the server goes nuts and loses your information after you preview your card and hit "edit some more," you won't have to write it all over again.

After you have made all your selections, fill in the blanks that ask for your email address and name, and the recipient's name and email address. Double-check your typing -- if you misspell an email address the card goes straight into the Cyber Bermuda Triangle.

I added an address book last year which should solve this problem so long as you type the address correctly the first time you enter it.  The address book is free -- click on the "use the address book or register for one" link to create one for yourself.

The send-later option lets you choose when you want the card to be mailed out - today or on some other day? Just pick the date from the list that pops up.

The multi-send option lets you send the same card to up to 25 people at once. You fill in the names after you click "send this card."

You can have a copy of the card mailed to you (this is a copy, they still get the card you sent them) by selecting "yes" to the question "do you want a copy of the card mailed to you?"

Enter your name:
Enter your e-mail address:
Enter the name of the person
you're sending the card to:

Enter the email address of the person
you're sending the card to:

At the end, after you have made all your choices, you need to click on the button that says:

You'll see a preview of your postcard. You can use the back button on your browser to edit the card some more if you don't like what you chose.

When you like the way the card looks, just click the

button and it's on its way.

If you do NOT want to see a preview of your card you can click the circle that says "send without preview" but I don't recommend it! All forms are set for "preview card," so you will get a preview unless you deliberately click the "send without preview" circle.

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