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And homeless near a thousand homes I stood,
And near a thousand tables pined, and wanted food.

~William Wordsworth

Sometimes, there are happy endings.

Sometimes, stray animals do find a home with a warm bed, a bowl of food and a person to care for them. For some cats and dogs, that home is Petrescue. is a small, no-kill shelter and it's owner-run. Every dime goes to the animals and helps make a difference in their lives.

You can donate $3 to online. Click here for the secure server.  

Three dollars may not sound like much, but it can buy nine cans of cat food or one vaccination or 6 cans of dog food or one pet toy. You can also donate more, of course, on Petrescue's regular sponsor-a-pet site.

Worried about using a credit card online? You can send donations via snail mail to:
P.O. Box 531057
DeBary, FL 32753-1057 is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Corporation. You can verify this here on the IRS site - put Pet and FL in the search form.

Why is my favorite animal welfare charity:
Missy and Tigger

Missy is the scruffy-looking cat on the right. If you'd like to read her story, here it is. Tigger lives with Susie now. Other cats and dogs residing at the PAL.

This is a photo of Missy and her baby Tigger taken in Singapore, where they lived in a hedge. Here, they're eating their "Seafood Platter" off a paper plate.

When I was trying to find homes in the U.S. for "my" stray cats in Singapore, Jeannie offered to take Missy into the fold even after I told her that Missy tested positive for FIV. This saved Missy's life, because I didn't know she had FIV until I captured her and took her to the vet for her pre-flight checkup. I couldn't have released her back into the streets knowing that she was ill, and I couldn't have found another home for her - not only because FIV cats are hard to place but because I had exactly 24 hours in which to do so. After all the months I spent earning her trust, euthanizing her would have broken my heart.

Update: 11/28/03... I am sorry to say that Missy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. But thanks to the many  kind people who have donated to PAL, Missy and others like her had their own Rainbow Bridge here on earth, and I'm very grateful to all of you.

You can donate $3 to online. Click here for the secure server.

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