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Mother's Day

I know this is a tough holiday for some people, including some of my friends. For all of you who hoped to have children but didn't, I just want to say ... if a living creature depends on you  for love, security, safety, comfort, understanding, companionship, or any of the other millions of things that a mom provides with good cheer and dependability and (most of all) love, then you are part of the big wheel of life that is mainly steered by moms, (and Mr. Moms)... and although you won't get flowers or dinner or an aqua chenille bathrobe out of it, the love and gratitude isn't any less pure for being unspoken.    


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I kind of recycled two Christmas cards for these, but if you didn't use them as Christmas cards they'll be "new" anyway!
Cats waking up their mom for breakfast. Giving hyper cats their breakfast.
Happy Mother's Day from your little helper. Happy Mother's Day from your little helpers.
. . . .
Cats waking up their mom for breakfast. Giving hyper cats their breakfast.
Happy Mother's Day from your cat. Happy Mother's Day from your cats. Happy Mother's Day from your Grand-cat Happy Mother's Day from your Grand-cats
. . . .
Happy Mother's Day from your dog. Happy Mother's Day from your dogs. Happy Mother's Day from your Grand-dog.. Happy Mother's Day from your Grand-dogs.

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Pets should be sterilized before they're six months if you want to be sure to avoid an unwanted litter. Ask your vet to give you the earliest date that's right for your pet.
For information on spay/neutering, click here.

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