If you are getting anonymous harassing, threatening or spam postcards, you need to go my web host, webby.com.  I do not have the postcard log files, they do.

Please not that I don't do link exchanges - links are in exchange for a donation to Petrescue; I can not make an exception to this because it wouldn't be fair to those who paid for a link. 


But before you email me...  the reason I took my email address off here for a long time is, I had unanswered email going back two years or more (I am not kidding), and I knew I would never catch up on it. Many people sent me truly wonderful ego-boosting kind and thoughtful emails, which I never answered, which made me feel really rotten and guilty, largely because I am rotten and guilty -- it was the heighth of rudeness not to answer these emails and yet I couldn''t seem to manage to stay on top of them.

So I would urge you to not waste your time on an unorganized ingrate like me -- spend that time writing your representatives or your family or your friends or just about anyone else but me, because I do not deserve to have nice people sending me kind emails.  

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