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Quick Card - Ebay Humor

(This has nothing to do with animals, but I couldn't resist.)

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Is it time to quit the eBay habit?

  • Do you hide Priority Mail boxes in the bottom of your underwear drawer until your spouse leaves for work?
  • When someone cuts you off in traffic, do you threaten  them with negative feedback?
  • Have you invested in a bigger mailbox recently, and if so did you buy it on eBay?

Then you may need the

eBay oDerm Patch

The eBayoDerm patch helps you step down gradually

  • Resist the urge to bid on that 14K vintage watch that's missing the stem, band and crystal and hasn't run since 1948 but hey, it's only ten bucks.
  • Tame the crankiness and short temper associated with an almost-empty my eBay items I'm bidding on folder.

How does it work?

eBayoDerm delivers a steady stream of proxy bids on nonexistent auction items, helping to ease your withdrawal symptoms.

You will bid on fewer and fewer items until finally, you're ready to look at the auction for a used gravy boat and think to yourself, "I can probably get this thing at the Wal-Mart for less than the cost of S&H alone."

Join the millions of people who have broken free of their eBay addiction! Shop in regular stores for products that stay the same price no matter how many other people want them!

Buy eBayoDerm today -- before you buy another "sort of like Coach" purse in "good" condition!

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