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Except where otherwise noted, the images and text on this site are copyrighted material. This means that I own all rights to the images and text, and they may not be used without my written permission except as postcards that are sent from this website. Do not put them on the internet in any other way including, but not limited to: your home page, graphics collection, electronic cards (no, not even the ones you create yourself and "just send to friends,") email, screensavers, desktop theme creations, banners, newsgroups or message boards.

I also offer screensavers, wallpaper, and pages that you can print out. These are intended for your personal use only. Do not put them on the internet or use them in email or in any other way as described above; do not remove my copyright, sell them, or pass them off as your own work.

If my work turns up on the internet without my written permission, I will pursue legal action. This includes artwork in email.

I spend a great deal of time creating these animations. Please respect that. If you need artwork for your home page or electronic cards or email, use a free graphics site or download a copy of Paint Shop Pro and create your own art. Don't steal mine.