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Marlin's Big Adventure


Check the top of your car before traveling!

The story that goes with this card is here   (Or, scroll down.) 


Marlin Perkins

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I decided to not give people the option of not including Marlin's story on the card, because I don't want a lot of upset email asking why a cat is in danger on a car. (And trust me, neither do you!)

The story of Marlin's big adventure (pre-selected... this will include it on your card).

This is the story of Marlin's Big Adventure, as told by his mom.

Marlin came to us in September, 1985 on my husband's first day back at school as a high school chemistry teacher. Mike caught sight of the new principal taking a little red kitten to the door and just dropping him outside. The principal had his arms outstretched as far from his body as possible, as though even touching this tiny kitten was going to contaminate him! My husband already knew this principal was an unfeeling clod but this just confirmed it. So Mike went outside, picked up the kitten, who was about 9 weeks old and asked the cafeteria workers to hold onto him for the day.

When Mike arrived home, Marlin was sitting in the car on the front seat between Mike and my daughter who my husband picked up from her first day at college. It was a very hot September day and Marlin was panting from the heat. Those are my first images of that little red kitten.

Right from the beginning, he was very personable. Later on, as a grown cat he had many human friends. Everyone liked him very much because of his outgoing personality. He was named Marlin after Marlin Perkins from the "Wild Kingdom" TV show because he sometimes would act so crazy and wild. Actually his name was supposed to be Marlon after Brando in the "Wild One". But we had a perverse friend who kept calling him "Mr Perkins" so the name Marlin stuck. Marlin had many nicknames one of them being, Wally.

I have a photo of Marlin wearing sunglasses that depicts him perfectly...he was a pretty cool cat. Once Mike went out for pizza, and he was up the street about a quarter-mile mile from our house when he stopped at a stop sign and some kids called out: "Mister, there is a cat on the roof of your car!" It was Marlin ... very cool about the whole thing, just sitting on the roof taking a ride down the street. We were very lucky the kids spotted him as it was getting dark out and the pizza place was another mile up the road. When Mike told me the story, I always imagined Marlin sitting on the roof with sunglass and a scarf blowing from around his neck.

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