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In memory of Action Cat

The real Action Cat

I could probably write a novel about him -- he was such a character. But, these are a few of my favorite stories about him:


Once a neighbor asked me if I could babysit her little girl while she ran out on some crucial errand; when I walked inside their apartment I saw a giant, beautiful studio photo of their little girl and a cat. "Wow," I said, "this looks just like my cat - I'm not kidding, they could be twins." She said, "that is your cat.  Don't tell the kid, she thinks it's hers."


Coming back from the store I saw a small crowd gathered around the complex's locked back gate, trying to decide whether to let in a woman who said she'd lost her keys. She noticed me and said, "hey great, I can prove I live here -- I know Action Cat." "That's no good," a man said, "everyone knows Action Cat."


In an effort to cut back on the food he was getting from people, I embroidered this on Action Cat's collar: "PLEASE DON'T FEED ME!" A couple days later, I noticed that the "N'T" had unravelled so that it now said "PLEASE DO FEED ME!" I didn't have time to fix it that morning so I left it the way it was, and let him outside. Later that afternoon someone called me to ask, "what exactly do you want me to feed Action Cat? He's not eating the tuna packed in oil."


Pets should be sterilized before they're six months if you want to be sure to avoid an unwanted litter. Ask your vet to give you the earliest date that's right for your pet. For information on spay/neutering, click here.

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