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Make your own lucky cat for any occasion.

The color you choose will fill the entire area you click on up to the borders - whether it'sa black or white area. If you click ON a line, it will turn the color that you chose. So, you can "outline" your cat if you don't want him to have a black outline. If you click the outline by mistake and it turns colors, you can fix this by choosing black and clicking on the outline again.

  1. Click inside the circle to choose a color

  2. Click in the picture to fill an area with color

  3. Click Erase to remove all colors

  4. Click on a line to change its color too.

  5. When you're finished, print it out!

There are two ways to "save" your creation:

  1. Print it out.

  2. Screen Capture it. If you have never used Screen Capture, just look at the  tool bar on whatever graphics program you use -- most of them have a capture feature. If you don't have a paint program, you can download a trial version of Paint Shop Pro here.

Please note that although the Menaki Neko is public domain, my version of him is copyrighted. You are free to use him on your non-commercial home page, but you may not include him in a graphics collection, postcard page, coloring book, or any other "free to the public" site. He is for your personal non-commercial use only.

Graphics Copyright 1999-2001 Janalee Faucher
Javascript Copyright 1998, Eric Harshbarger  

Sitemap -- the opening index page that took you here