Back to Action Cat Postcards   Java Applet Copyright Steve White, of Steve's Java Games. Visit his Java Game page for more java fun. Graphics Copyright For noncommercial , personal use only.

If you have IE with Active Desktop, you can use this offline. To put it on your active desktop, do the following:

  1. Choose it as a favorite item ("Add to Favorites")

  2. Check off the option, "Make available offline." Click "Okay."

  3. Right-click on your desktop and choose, "active desktop," then "customize desktop."

  4. Put a checkmark in "view my active desktop  as a web page," then click "new," then "browse."

  5. Choose "Advent Calendar - Java" from Favorites.

  6. Use your cursor to drag the borders to where you want them. (For example, if you don't want to see these instructions on your desktop, just place the cursor at the bottom border and drag it upwards until this is gone.)