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Help (below) and Frequently Asked Questions (here)

If you're having a problem with the site, I have probably already answered your question below. And if I haven't, either the server is having problems or I don't know the answer. 

If you are getting anonymous harassing, threatening or spam postcards, you need to go my web host, webby.com.  I do not have the postcard log files, they do.  Or email support@webby.com.

If you use WebTV, older versions of AOL or Netscape (any version), you are going to have more problems with the site than if you use IE 5 or higher because those browsers simply do not handle the code I need to use in order to make the cards work. (Sorry!)

Update2018: I guess now it would be Windows XP.


Common problems below (frequently asked general questions here)

Complaints re specific ads:  If you have a complaint, please use this form to write directly to those responsible for placing/choosing the ads.Back to top.

The copy of the card that was sent to you had your return address: this is because you're getting a copy - it has a different ticket number from your recipient's card. Don't worry, they got their card. If you don't want a copy of your card take the checkmark out of "send copy" when you compose your card. The card keeps being mailed to you instead of your recipient: you are getting a copy of the card. If you don't want a copy, check "no" in the box that asks if you want a copy. Back to top.

Using the graphics on this site for your own purposes: They may be used as greetings only - text message, Twitter, etc. -  not as cards on your card site. And use the actual graphic, don't turn it into a "GIF."

If you'd like to link to this site, it's  http://www.actioncat.com     Back to top.

Your info disappeared when you clicked edit more or when you tried to send to 25 people at once (and you had to fill out the form again): this is a problem with your browser's cache settings, but here is an easy way to avoid filling out the form twice: before you click on "proceed," (or "send" on the multi-send page), open a new window in your browser. (Click FILE then NEW then WINDOW.) You'll get a duplicate of the page you just filled out, and that way if something goes wrong you won't have to start over from scratch. You can use the backup page instead. Back to top.

Can only get a choice of one card. If you are only seeing one card, you're in the Quick Card section. To choose from a variety of cards, use the Regular Card Categories section. Birthday cards are in Occasion. Back to top.

There was no message on the card, even though you typed one. You have chosen the same color for the font and the card background. Back to top.

I update this site constantly; if a page comes up looking very weird or abbreviated, I'm probably uploading it -- please wait a few seconds and then hit reload or refresh on your browser. Back to top.

If you use AOL (or if you otherwise have chosen a "compress graphics" option on your current browser), some postcards will look distorted. To change your settings on AOL, go into "My AOL," choose "preferences," then "WWW," then "web graphics" and take the checkmark out of "compress graphics." Back to top.

If you're new to the internet and you need basic help sending a card, please see how to send a card.  Back to top.

When you choose a card all you see is a graphic and "close this window" - you have clicked on a thumbnail and you are viewing the full-size graphic, to send that card you must continue on down the form, selecting the card and filling in the rest of the information and so on. When you click on a card you just get a full-size preview of the card, you haven't actually selected it yet. Back to top.

I'm sorry, but cards can't be "unsent." If you used send-later to send a card that is now (for whatever reason) inappropriate, I suggest sending a second card, set to arrive the day before, explaining that you sent the card before circumstances changed. Back to top.

Java Applet problems. I test all java applets before I put them online for you. If a java applet isn't working, you need to upgrade your browser. If you use WebTV you can not see or use the java applets. Back to top.

Update 2018: Is WebTV still even a thing?

Card of the Day problems -- the card of the day is changed at midnight EST. If you happen to be viewing the card around then, you may see a different card on the thumbnail than the card on the preview. This is because the card is being changed over.

Some of the cards of the day are only available in Card of the Day -- they are not available on the general site.

If you are seeing the same Card of the Day image for more than 24 hours, your browser is caching the page instead of looking for a new image each time the page loads, and the only way to fix this is to empty your cache. Back to top.

Send copy of the card to me option (the checkbox for this right is above "click here to proceed.") If you check off "yes," you'll get the exact same card that you sent to someone else. This doesn't mean they didn't get their card, you are getting a copy. Back to top.

If the page loads but no images show up, try this: hit back and forward on your browser a few times. I have no idea why this works, but it does. Back to top.

You do not need a ticket number to send a card. The ticket number is used to pick up a card that was sent to you by someone else. Back to top.

If you got an "error - no postcard" message, that is not something I can fix. Judging from my email, about one out of every 500 cards gets eaten by the internet for no apparent reason. Back to top.

If the postcard image doesn't load (i.e. it keeps trying to load but a picture never shows up, or you get a server-timeout), the card's file size may be too big for your server. You can still send the card by choosing "send without preview." If your preview page doesn't show an image and isn't trying to load an image, you may have forgotten to click the circle next to the card to choose it. If you get a broken image, (that little ugly pink and gray graphic with a rip through it or, on IE, the little red X) ) that's my fault -- I'll fix it the second I hear about it. Back to top.

If you didn't get a notification that your postcard was sent or picked up, one of three things probably happened: 1) They didn't pick up the card. 2) You mistyped your email address. 3) Their postcard was eaten by the internet. Back to top.

If you had trouble picking up a card by using the pickup number and box, make sure you didn't accidentally copy a space along with the number and paste that space into the box. Most of the time that's why the pickup number doesn't work. If it still doesn't work, try clicking on the link that's provided in the email you got saying "[whoever] sent you a postcard." If you still get an error message, your postcard was -- you guessed it -- eaten by the internet. (Sorry.) Back to top.

If you can't see a circle to click, slide the page up and down with your scroll bar a few times until it appears. If that doesn't work, click in the vicinity of where the circle should be -- which is about two spaces to the left of Picture:title and click until it "takes." (Until you see a circle with a dot in it.) I have no idea why the circles and forms don't show up sometimes; I suppose it's a browser thing. Back to top.

If you filled out the form -- chose the music and wrote your note and picked the card and clicked "preview" -- and you get an error message instead of a preview of your card, the server is probably extremely busy.   Back to top.

If your information disappeared when you hit "back" in order to edit a card, it's your browser's cache settings -- not a bug in my site. You will need to adjust your cache preferences.  However, here is an easy way to avoid filling out the form twice:

  1. Fill out the form as usual, but before you  submit the form (in other words, before you click to proceed or send the card ) ---
  2. Open a new window in your browser.( Click FILE then NEW then WINDOW. ) You'll get a duplicate of the page you just filled out, and that way if something goes wrong you won't have to start over from scratch. You can use the backup page instead Back to top.

To send a card as an ICQ message, just compose a card and send the card to yourself -- then pick up the card, copy the URL of the card, and paste that URL into your ICQ message. Back to top.


Q. How can I get my own postcard site?

A. Just go to mypostcards.com, all the information you need is on there and you can start your own postcard site for free.

Q. Can I have the HTML code for a graphic? I'm a Web-TV user.

A. No. This site requires a huge amount of bandwidth and if you direct-link to images it slows down the site for everyone else. Please do not link directly to the images, i.e. don't use this tag to put an image on your page: <IMG SRC = If you do, I'll be forced to change the file names on a regular basis, and this will eat up a lot of the time I usually spend making postcards.

Q. I  saw a card in Card of the Day that I can't find on the site -- why?

A. Because it is only available in "Card of the Day."

Q. Do you do these cards yourself?

A. Yes, all of them are done by me.

Q. Are you a company or a group of people, or what?

A. I'm one person.

Q. Could you make a card where [a series of complicated things happen, like,] the dog runs around the room, jumps up on the table, barks, jumps down, and then chews on a slipper?

A. I could make it, but it would take you a year to download the graphic. I already push the limits with my file sizes; people with 14.4 modems probably want to strangle me as it is.

Update 2018: Hmmm this has changed, I probably could.